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Conversing with Aotearoa

2006, 15:30min


In an age of technological integration and urban life, people turn to the natural world for a wilderness experience. What draws us to the remote corners of land and sea when we realize something in our lives is missing? Conversing with Aotearoa/New Zealand uses unique visual imagery to take the viewer into the physical and mental wilderness encompassed in the diverse landscapes of New Zealand.

For the Masses

2007, 5:30min


On any given day, city-dwellers flock to an urban wilderness looking for a brief escape from the constant presence of the city. Though tamed and tied by its surrounding metropolis, the mountain is not passive. It resists captivity, releasing the city-dwellers from their habitual, frenetic pace to momentarily savor the richness of life.


2003, 2:00min, 16mm


Evoking the awe of the African Savannah at sunset, wild animals gather in a moody landscape for a last drink before nightfall. With the aid of a unique combination of fluid sand animation and backlit collages, Tracks creates a subtle, striking tribute to nature.


Original Music: Iguewe Ni Mbia


2011, 1:00min,


Is it sand... or snow?


2013, 1:00min,


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Concept and Animation by Corrie Francis Parks

Sound Design by Jesse Barney, Joe Sheehan and Philip Sheppard