Artists: Kelley Bell & Corrie Francis Parks

28 March – 3 April, 2016

Baltimore, MD

Projected Aquaculture is a large-scale projection created for and exhibited at the Light City Baltimore Festival. The whimsical animated work draws parallels between the fragile ecosystem and recent regeneration of the Chesapeake Bay and its landmark city, Baltimore, Maryland.


Learn more about our City, our Bay, and the fish featured in Projected Aquaculture in our online Limerick Field Guide. As you watch the piece, play our online interactive bingo game, Bay Bingo.

The first to find 4 fish in a row, wins!


21 May – 9 June, 2016

Zagreb, Croatia

Projected Aquaculture travelled to Zagreb, Croatia reconfigured into the 3-channel installation Bay Bingo, exhibited on the media facade of the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art


Need some help identifying the fish? Check out the field guide.