Book, 2016


Animation was invented by an experimenter. A person who decided to try things differently. A person not content to let a picture stand still. Today when it feels like there is nothing new under the sun, it can feel impossible to imagine doing something innovative and in an experimental way.



Fluid Frames: Experimental Animation with Sand, Clay, Paint, and Pixels opens a window into the “experimental frame of mind”, which involves applying creative thought at every stage of the production, no matter the technique.  Fluid Frames provides a step by step pathway for the new or established animator tap into that experimental frame of mind and create stunningly new and original works of their own. The book explores, like never before, the tactile nature of moving malleable materials directly under the camera and how that presents a creative stimulus for all animators, offering new problems and opening the mind to new solutions that readily translate to other animation techniques.





But the physical material is not the end of the story. With input from the best of contemporary animators, this book introduces a flexible digital workflow to advance the art of fluid frame animation. Fluid Frames walks readers through setting up the studio, choosing and working with materials, and transitioning from physical production to digital post-production to further enhance the animation. Stacked with information, interviews and images from over 30 artists, this book is an indispensable resource for both the student and professional wishing to get their hands dirty in an increasingly digital world.


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Asset files available for practice tutorials on fluidframes.net